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CyStain™ BacCount Viable

CyStain™ BacCount Viable
Application: Flow cytometry
Laser: Blue
Fluorescent probe: CyStain Green, CyStain Red
Field of Interest: Microbiology quality control
Emission Maximum: 520 nm , 616 nm
Quantity: 200 tests (manual) 1000 tests (autoloader)
Order number: 05-5028
Reagent kit for the determination of a bacterial viable cell count (VCC), which is an important... more
Product information "CyStain™ BacCount Viable"

Reagent kit for the determination of a bacterial viable cell count (VCC), which is an important measure in the quality control of industrial water samples, the process control of water treatment with inactivation of bacteria and the analysis of anti-microbial treatments. Double staining with CyStain Green and Cystain Red allows an easy discrimination of live and dead bacteria, thus delivering a live bacteria count within less than 15 minutes from the time of sampling. The reagent is developed specifically for use on the CyFlow Cube 6 V2m flow cytometer. The amount of reagent is sufficient for 200 tests when using manual sample introduction, and for 1000 tests when used in combination with an autoloader.

Kit components:

  • 5 aliquots (40µL each) of CyStain Green (x1000 concentrated in DMSO)
  • 5 aliquots (400µL each) of CyStain Red
  • 29 mL CyStain Dilution Buffer
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